FHM95 is committed to protecting user privacy, and provide a best gaming experience through social media. Privacy Policy has been created to inform you about how FHM95 collects, processes, stores, shares, uses and protects the information of yours about the games. All of information are collected when you play our games, access our products, content, and services on FHM95 applications and FHM95.com website and domains provided by FHM95.

1. By using or visiting any part of the FHM95.com website or any other website or program we own ("Website") or registering on the Website. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. OUR PRIVACY POLICY AND THE RULES APPLICABLE TO OUR BETTINGS or playing games products together ”Terms” and shall be deemed to have accepted and understood all terms.

2. We may have to change the terms from time to time for a number of reasons. As well as to comply with all laws and regulations and requirements, all changes will be published on the website. The most up to date terms will be available on the website. if any changes you can't accept You should stop using this website. or closing your account However, if you continue to use the website after the date the change of agreement comes into effect, You will be deemed to have accepted those changes.

3. While you are aware of your right to access and use this website including any or all of the products made available through the Website. May be illegal in some countries for example the United States You are responsible for determining that you access and or use of the Website in accordance with the law in your jurisdiction. and you assure us that gambling is not illegal in your jurisdiction.

4. Data Collection

FHM95 may collect and store information of the following shared by third party connected application providers:

4.1 FHM95 may collect your name, profile pictures, or picture URL, user ID (for example: Facebook ID, LINE ID), and other public information of your friends.

4.2 FHM95 will save your device type, operating system version, and mobile device identifiers such as MAC address, Advertising Identifier (IDFA), browser type, the pages of referral and exit. And about the URLs, clicks on website pages or features, game status, date and time of activity on the website or game. All of information will be used to improve our service, and will not be published.

4.3 FHM95 will conduct survey and collect all necessary information for data analysis. In order to improve service, activities, experience from all surveys relate to FHM95 on the website.

4.4 FHM95 will not publish any information to any person without your consent.

5. Accounting program:

5.1 All applicants must be at least 18 years of age to bet or register with FHM95 . FHM95 reserves the right to request proof of age from customers until satisfactory. and suspend the account documentation, FHM95 will be responsible for the age and gambling responsibility seriously.

5.2 All information provided when registering with the Website must be accurate and complete in all respects. this is not the case The relevant account will be suspended. Where the account is suspended, all bets placed before the account is suspended win or lose.

5.3 From Accept Agreement and or register to use your website The website agrees that we will have the right to take any action. and all, such as checks and other credit checks, the time we may need; and or must be required by laws and regulations and or relevant agencies for general use on our website and products You agree to provide such information as we need in connection with such review verification. We will have the right to suspend or limit your account in any manner that we may deem in our absolute discretion would be appropriate. Until such time the relevant audit is completed to our satisfaction.

6. Account details:

6.1 FHM95 allows all customers to choose their own username and password combination. Customers must keep this information confidential and confidential for which you are responsible for all bets. bets placed in your account and any other activity occurring in your account.

6.2 Bets will stand. If your username and password are entered correctly (or without your permission), there must be sufficient funds in the account.

6.3 If at any time you feel that a third party knows your username and or the password you should change immediately through your website If you should forget some or all of your combinations. Please contact us.

6.4 The current balance and transaction history of your account may be viewed at any time when you log into your account on the Website.

7. Suspend and close:

7.1 If you wish to close your account please contact us any negative balance Any account in your account will go down immediately. Due to the payable to FHM95 and your account will be closed until successful verification is complete. You will not be entitled to close your account until such time as any outstanding bets. or the bet will be completed.

7.2 FHM95 reserves the right to close or suspend your account at any time and for any reason without limitation before sentence. FHM95 will be entitled to close or suspend your account if:

(a) you are bankrupt;

(b) FHM95 deems that you use the Website in a fraudulent or illegal manner and or is unlawful. or has a purpose

(c) FHM95 deems that you use the Website in an unfair manner. or with intent to cheat or take the interests of FHM95 or any of its customers.

(d) FHM95 requests to do so by the police, jurisdiction or court; or

(e) FHM95 sees which events Any claims referred to in (a) (c) above may occur or are likely to occur.

7.3 If FHM95 closes or posts in your account for any For any of the reasons referred to in (a) (e) above, you are not liable. Any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by FHM95 (together "claim") arising out of and will indemnify and hold FHM95 harmless. Requirements for such claims In the circumstances referred to in (a) (e) above, FHM95 shall have the right to withhold and or any treatment and the total amount otherwise will be paid. or pays you (including bonus wins or money)

8. Using the website:

8.1 Your device, computer or mobile phone and Internet connection may affect the performance and/or operation of the Website. FHM95 does not warrant that the Website will operate without errors or errors or that FHM6 provides services. will provide the service without interruption. FHM95 does not accept any liability. for any failure Any problems or problems arising from your device internet connection or internet or any telecommunication service provider for the outcome of the game will be determined on the basis of information received and stored by FHM95 .

8.2 Where will FHM95 find criminals and contract sanctions against clients? Any customer involved in fraud or fraudulent crime or in connection with a product at the Site or FHM95 . FHM95 will withhold payments to any customer who any of these are suspected of. The customer will indemnify the damages. and will be responsible for all FHM95, demands, and claims arising directly or indirectly from fraudulent, fraudulent or criminal law customers.

8.3 In the case of communication or errors that occur in connection with the account payment system or other features. FHM95 shall have no liability to you or any third party. In respect of such errors, FHM95 reserves the right in the event of such errors to delete all. related products from the website and what actions will be taken to correct such errors.

8.4 FHM95 may change or modify the products offered through the Website at any time and for any reason.

8.5 From time to time all or parts of the Site may not be available for use by you or may be interrupted in game episodes. Because of the maintenance of the website and / or any changes or modifications FHM95 website products will back up the game results first. The incident happened.

8.6 Concerning the outcome of the game We do not have the authority to make a final decision on the outcome of any type of game. any of the circumstances including but not limited to any errors resulting from artificial or technical factors.

8.7 So to provide the best gaming experience We will develop and improve the system all the time.

※ Modify or delete personal information

Please feel free to contact us if you want to edit your personal files. Information that you may not be able to modify includes records of your use of our services. If you wish to review, delete or change information about you or if you have further questions Contact us via email fhm95@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 30 days.

If you want to delete an account, you can do it into game platform or go to the member-service
( member-delete.fhm95.com ) on the official website also,if the account you want to delete is GUEST or unverified account,must do it in game platform.

Please note that certain records, such as those related to payments or customer service are kept for legal and accounting purposes.